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Three ways forward

First published on this website in May 2010 and last updated in March 2014

Words: 5500
Size: 233 kB
Categories: Planning, Structures


The article shows how mission-shaped thinking might impact a church decision-making body. Each of the three parts includes a biblical background, three principles to follow and ten practical applications.

1 The need for a clear purpose
Mark 3:13-19 - principles include signing up to a clear role for the whole group and focusing on leadership

2 The need for a big agenda
Colossians 1:9-14 - principles include taking a big-picture overview with mission as what the agenda is all about

3 The need for an effective team
1 Timothy 3:8-13 - principles include seeing this as a 24/7 team where character becomes a vital feature for the members


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This Article has been updated in March 2014 with minor alterations throughout the text.

Glad it was helpful. PCCs should serve the whole purpose of the church. Sadly they too often take on a life of their own with all kinds of personal agendas.

Thanks John - we have just had our AGM and have welcomed to the PCC 3 brand new members and 3 members returning after a long absence... these notes have been very helpful in setting the ethos for our 'new' PCC.

I like the clear reminder to each team to work towards the Mission Statement - as the Parish Priest it is at the forefront of my thoughts and actions. I think that sometimes I make the assumption that it is at the forefront of everyone else's too: we are taking steps to ensure that every meeting now has to measure itself against our Mission Statement!


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