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Part A: Preparation

First published on this website in October 2009 and last updated in September 2013

Words: 7300
Size: 203 kB
Categories: Communication, Leadership


The first of two articles (with A23) giving detailed advice on applying for a staff post in a church (as Minister or lay worker) or Christian mission (as CEO or other manager). This first part covers the preparation you need to do before even writing your application.

1: Be ready

  • Seek God’s will
  • Consider your CV
  • Write your CV
  • Follow key guidelines
  • Format your CV
  • Prepare a private assessment

2: Study the profile

  • Check this could be you
  • Read between the lines
  • Define questions to ask
  • Understand the process

See also part B.


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This article has been updated in September 2013 with minor amendments throughout the text.

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