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... by asking the right questions

First published on this website in June 2006 and last updated in September 2012

Words: 4700
Size: 193 kB
Categories: Administration, Communication


An article to put you on the right path before you talk to your designer (who gives the site its look) and/or your developer (who makes the technical aspects work) – or a means of reviewing your existing site.

1 Who is the site for?

2 What impact do we want it to have on these people?

3 How will we work withour designer/developer?

4 What resources are available to run the site?

5 What information do we need to put across and how do we structure it?

6 How do we create interest?

7 How do we encourage visitors?

8 What level of interaction do we want?

Followed by a design/style checklist, and a detailed contents checklist covering home page, who we are, what we believe, church information, Sundays, activities, youth and children, membership, local community, the building, communication, restricted access


To read or download this item, click here: PDF a14.pdf

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This article has been updated in September 2012 after a major rewrite in 2010 to bring it up-to-date with website technology today.

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