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A theological introduction

First published on this website in October 2006 and last updated in September 2012

Words: 4100
Size: 168 kB
Categories: Administration


Can there be administration that is specifically Christian? Does this pair of words have any coherent meaning? An article that seeks to help you grasp something of the beauty of the jewel of administration in God’s service.

1: The work of administration
Neither seen nor heard – a first definition – a second definition – exercises to try

2: The gifts of administration
The overview of 1 Corinthians 12 – gifts that are specifically administrative – more than one administrative gift – other likely conclusions – implications for today – exercises to try

3: The character of the administrator
Acts 6:1-7 – a more detailed person profile


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This article has been updated in September 2012 with minor alterations to the text.

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