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... and make everyone happy

First published on this website in August 2005 and last updated in May 2013

Words: 4100
Size: 170 kB
Categories: Administration, Communication


The two purposes of this article and to help you handle this particular form of communication well and to provide a set of guidelines that you can use for your church or mission agency.

Three key issues

  • Am I sure email is the best means to use?
  • Do I really need to send this to these people?
  • Do I have to deal with it now?

Five questions on composing the email

  • How can I help the recipient?
  • Might I come to regret what I have sent?
  • Do I really need these special features?
  • Have I used helpful tops and tails?
  • Have I checked attachments and reply formats?

Two final questions for yourself

  • Am I too gullible?
  • Am I handling my email files effectively?


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This article was updated in May 2013 with a number of alterations throughout the text.

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