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Help people learn new skills

First published on this website in April 2005 and last updated in December 2012

Words: 4300
Size: 178 kB
Categories: Communication, Management


The article offers advice and encouragement to all who want to run a training event in their church or Christian mission. It is designed for clergy, other leaders, managers and trainers of any kind.

1: What do trainers need?
An expert – an enthusiast – an enabler
Communication – change – capabilities – context

2: Those you are training
Your brief – their expectations – your plan – their needs

3: Getting the room right
A checklist of 16 points to help you lay out the room in the best way

4: Constructing the event
Ten pieces of advice for putting together a memorable and successful event

5: Learning exercises
Fundamental principles –exercise types (11 contrasting ideas)


To read or download this item, click here: PDF a10.pdf

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This article was last updated in December 2012 with minor amendments throughout the text.

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