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An idea for a new publication

First published on this website in January 2005 and last updated in December 2012

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This article puts the case for a new type of local church publication, focusing on building community and promoting discipleship. This is quite different from a Sunday notice-sheet, from outreach literature and from a traditional church magazine.

1: Purpose and readership
Building community – growing disciples – the readers

2: Content
People news (children and teens at school, young people away at uni, those in a work-place, small groups within a church, those in the local community, information from office holders) – stories of faith in action – leadership contact – what to avoid – examples – special cases (rural churches, non-book cultures)

3: Production and distribution
Editor – style – who writes - distribution

Finally: a means to an end, stopping other publications, maximising impact


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Author's notes

This article was last updated in December 2012 with minor amendments throughout the text.