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mileage allowance for cyclists?!

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Author Message

Monday 04 April 2011 9:28:46 am

I have a member of our church staff who cycles around the parish to most of his meetings etc and if he was driving a car would claim mileage allowance for these trips. Does anyone have any recommendations for, or experience of, providing a mileage allowance for cyclists?

John Truscott

Tuesday 05 April 2011 6:01:14 am

I'd love to hear if anyone else does this but HMRC website shows a mileage rate for tax purposes of 20p for bicycles and 24p for motor cycles (alongside the 40p rate for cars for the first 10,000 miles then 25p).

Kevin Lawrence

Thursday 05 May 2011 9:40:20 am

We pay 20p per mile and a number of our team cycle