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Information Sharing / Confidentiality

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Author Message

Grant Addison

Saturday 16 July 2011 11:22:15 pm

We are currently considering a policy covering confidentiality and information sharing and wondered if any churches had policies that they would be willing to share.

We want to cover two related but distinct issues
1) sharing information about people with other agencies eg people with mental health issues who consent to such information being shared. This would particularly cover incidents when they become unwell and have consented to concerns being shared
2) guidance on the need for people involved in pastoral care to protect people's confidentiality whilst allowing appropriate pastoral insight

Thanks in anticipation

Monday 18 July 2011 10:44:15 am

Hi Grant,
I don't know a lot about this sort of thing but it might be worth contacting the information commissioner's office (http://www.ico.gov.uk/) to see if they have anything you can use. Sorry not to be able to be more help,