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Holiday entitlement for paid church staff

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Author Message

David Moss

Saturday 26 November 2011 7:20:41 am

We are currently having some discussions about how much holiday entitlement paid church staff should be entitled to (that is both Ministers and admin staff). I would be interested if anyone knows of any available research in this area. It would be great to know specifically about Free Churches, but also all churches in general or even any similar charity sector.
The situation in your own church would be interesting to. By the way in our church we are currently entitled to 23 days plus Bank Holidays and we are not allowed to carry forward holidays.

Sheila Randall

Monday 28 November 2011 1:42:51 pm

I am very fortunate because the church I work in, as Administrator, is flexible on this one, providing I cover the contracted hours overall. The contract gives all staff 25 days paid holiday + bank holidays if they occur on a normal working day, which I know is generous. (i.e. bank holidays are not pro-rotad - which, I think is normal - and definitely allowed.) I also know that bank holidays may be counted by an employer as part of the statutory holiday allowance.

We do carry leave over and there is no rule on this one for us - just common sense, but I think this is optional for an employer and they are entitled not to allow it.

I am also encouraged to take TOIL and not let it build up - which is difficult when the job is so busy, but I very much appreciate the facility.

Do discuss this with your church - and see if you can negotiate!

Mark Parsons

Monday 28 November 2011 3:58:32 pm

David, we did some work on this area last year and I will email you a copy of our leave policy, which covers not just annual leave, but TOIL and other forms of leave. If anyone else wants a copy, please contact me at mark.parsons@stjohnsealing.org.uk.