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Grievance/Disciplinary process

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Author Message

Guy Knight

Tuesday 13 March 2012 10:40:42 am

The role of administrator has been in place here for two years and I am writing numerous HR policies. We are an independant church with leadership responsability within a Strategic Leadership team (Elders,Deacons Pastor.) As we have 4 employees and numerous volunteers it is right that we have such a policy even if we hope it will never be used. Does anybody have a speciman policy that I can use taking account of the fact that any appeals will need to be held within our fellowship as there is no outside hierachy as in denominations

Liz Thompson

Monday 25 June 2012 10:05:53 am

If you let me have your email address I can email you the policy that we have recently put together which I took from input from other larger churches and ACAS. It would need some tweaking to fit in with your structure but the basis of it should be ok.

Guy Knight

Monday 25 June 2012 10:23:41 am

Thanks Liz. Office@vec.org.uk

Caroline Sack

Thursday 19 July 2012 12:23:52 pm

Hi, we too are putting a grievance policy in place. We have stated the symptoms and an immediate action point but refer to a follow up procedure of which we do not have. I would be interested in what policies other parishes have in place, in the likelihood that we ever have to pursue an inquiry.

Many thanks
Caroline Sack