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2: Questions & tests (2015 revised version)

First published on this website in August 2008 and updated with major revisions in October 2015

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Categories: Administration , Communication , Leadership , Management , Planning , Structures


This second of two items (Part 1 is at HC6) gives a complete listing of all the 48 questions and 240 sample tests. These are structured as follows.

The Validity theme
Foundations – Mission – Calling

The Choice theme
Leadership – Strategy – Change

The Excellence theme
Staffing – Support – Service

The Achievement theme
Impact – Perceptions – Faithfulness


Here is the link to this item: PDF HC7 - The Christian Effectiveness Model 2.pdf

Author's notes

The Model has undergone a major revision at October 2015 to recast all the questions into 'open' format, to make the explanation more user-friendly and to add other material. If you use the Model I would be glad to hear about this, and I welcome ideas for improvements.