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New developments in the Resources section

2nd May 2014

Work is currently underway to improve the Resources section of this website. There are now 118 items for free downloading or printing and three changes will be effected at the end of June.

First, with the arrival of the new responsive website due to launch late June, there will be an extra indexing by alphabetical order of title. This will mean that if you know the name of any item you can find it quickly, rather than having to search through the numbered lists under Articles and Training Notes.

Secondly, all the pdfs will gradually be reformatted with equal margins for double-sided printing and with full title names for file recognition. This work has already started and will continue throughout the year.

Finally, the Comment facility is being closed as this has not been well used, but an Author's notes section is being added for every item so that comments can be made direct to John who will then add them with other notes in this new section.