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Mission-shaped church councils top training event

27th March 2014

An analysis of training events run over the past year shows 'Mission-shaped PCCs' (or the equivalent in non-Anglican denominations) to be the most popular choice for the first time.  It has been run for individual churches, deaneries and dioceses.

The event is based on Article A24 of the same name in the Resources section of the website. There are three sections to the day which cover the three key requirements for the Church Council to be mission-minded in all their activity.

They are the needs to determine a clear role, to work to a high-order agenda and to grow into a supportive team. This is in contrast to most literature on councils which focuses on meetings rather than people and on detail rather than the big picture. The issue of role is often fudged.

The event runs either for a whole day or it can be fitted into a Saturday morning with an early start.