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Latest Training Notes explain how to say 'No'

15th December 2014

The latest set of Training Notes to be uploaded to the Resources section of the website give advice on how to assess whether to say 'No' to a request and then how to go about it. The situations in mind include being asked to take on a future assignment, squeeze another task into your schedule, or join a group or committee.

The notes first give ten reasons why most of us end up saying 'yes' even if this is unwise. It then provides a second list of means to help assess any such request and a range of questions it would be wise to ask yourself. 

If you then feel the answer should be 'No', there is advice on how to say the word in a definite but helpful way.

Training Notes TN84, How to say 'No' when you should, were published this past weekend and can be found in the Resources section of this website on the Training Notes page and the Leadership and Alphabetical index pages.