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Church committee members need help

3rd August 2015

Most churches appoint people to decision-making groups (Trustee body, Diaconate, PCC, etc.) without ever thinking that this role might require some training. One of the latest set of Training Notes just added to the Resources section of this website aims to provide just that.
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Advice to a new committee member, Training Notes TN88, is designed not only for new members but for all old hands too. It gives advice from someone who's seen a few committees in their lifetime to help everyone to be effective in this role.

The five points are Plead (key elements of what to pray for), Listen (more than you speak), Enthuse (so much is possible that it's worth being excited), Ask (the necessary questions most people don't manage to raise) and Decide (getting decisions and actions crystal clear).

TN88 is available now on the Training Notes page of this website.