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Christian Effectiveness Model republished with major revisions

8th October 2015

The Christian Effectiveness Model, designed to assess the effectiveness of any mission agency or church enterprise, was republished today with new open-format questions and many other improvements.  It can be found on the Health-checks page of the Resources section of this website.
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The Model is based on four themes: Validity, Choice, Excellence and Achievement. For each theme there are 12 questions to answer and, for each of these, five sample tests indicate how to assess your response to the question.

The Model has now been given a make-over with all 48 questions reset in open format and with the main use for the Model now simplified so that it can be used  with just two website papers and without charge. A more detailed option remains for those who require this.

Paper HC6 gives a detailed introduction to the model and paper HC7 lists all the questions and tests.