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Area Training Days praised

23rd May 2017

A new series of Church Administrator Area Training Days was launched in May with events in Birmingham and Guildford. Feedback forms show widespread appreciation for a day themed on 'Administration: biblical and creative'.
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Almost 100 Administrators have attended these first two events, with about 12 more venues to follow this year and next.

"This was a very affirming day!" said one Administrator. "It reminded me that I'm not just doing a 'job'".

"This is my third UCAN meeting and I find them incredibly encouraging and valuable," said another.

The days consist on sessions on how church administration is based on Scripture and how to bring a creative flair to it. The afternoon allows groups to grapple with common issues Church Administrators face, and the day ends with a presentation on how UCAN will be taken over by a new team later in the year as John Truscott hands on this particular part of his work.

There is a similar event on 6th July in Nottingham, with Belfast to follow in the autumn.