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Administrator job ads on this site

30th June 2015

The UCAN News page on this website, part of the Administrators section, regularly carries job ads for Administrator posts in churches where there are UCAN members. But you have to be a UCAN member to log in to that particular page.

So here are outline details of two posts currently on offer.
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Two contrasting sets of Training Notes uploaded

29th May 2015

Two very different sets of Training Notes have been uploaded to the Resources section of the website today. One starts with the idea of a customer care policy and applies it to churches. The other starts with biblical material on the requirements for church leaders.
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Help for churches seeking to plan ahead

14th April 2015

A new article offering a new kind of planning tool has just been uploaded to the Resources section of the website.  Mapping your church gives details of the new 'Five Themes Map'.
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Cutting Edge conference the largest yet

11th March 2015

The Cutting Edge conference at King's Park, Northampton next week, designed for senior-manager Church Administrators, has 63 delegates, the highest number ever.
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Take care with church members who work alone

13th February 2015

The latest set of Training Notes, TN85 Preparing a Lone Worker Policy, has been uploaded to the site today. It seeks to highlight the need for LWPs to be provided for both staff and volunteers as part of a church's Health and Safety at Work Policy.
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Wide range of Administrator events currently on offer

5th February 2015

Booking is open for a number of events for Church Administrators this Spring. Included are the first ever training event I am running in Scotland, the 'Cutting Edge' residential conference for senior managers at Northampton, and three more UCAN Area Training Days in London, Manchester and Bristol.
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Latest Training Notes explain how to say 'No'

15th December 2014

The latest set of Training Notes to be uploaded to the Resources section of the website give advice on how to assess whether to say 'No' to a request and then how to go about it. The situations in mind include being asked to take on a future assignment, squeeze another task into your schedule, or join a group or committee.

Administrators pray to impact the UK Church

28th October 2014

One year ago I set up a small group of people who have a passion for church administration that reaches beyond their own church and role they may have there. We share details of our current roles and dreams for what God's gifts of administration might do for his Church and pray for each other.

Four Area Training Days for Administrators completed

16th October 2014

Over the past two weeks I have led four Area Training Days for Church Administrators in Ware, Coventry, Woking and Nottingham. Over 170 have attended and been introduced to the concept of customer care appropriate for a church office setting.

Church Health Review given a make-over

26th September 2014

The Church Health Review, items HC4 & HC5 on the Health-checks page of this website, has been extensively rewritten over the summer and has today been uploaded in its new form.

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