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Church announcements need to be done well

13th April 2016

New training notes added to the website are not ashamed to take a humble activity and show how to do it well. And now for the notices is the title of Training Notes TN93 uploaded to the site this month.
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Exemptions to the 2010 Equalities Act explained

31st March 2016

A new set of Training Notes just published explains the issues for being able to advertise a staff post open only to someone holding the Christian faith. How genuine are your GORs? explores the use of Genuine Occupational Requirements that many churches cite for posts. But can churches justify this use of the term? In some cases, probably not.
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Training on handling paperwork goes into print

8th February 2016

Two articles on sorting out clergy studies have just been uploaded to the Resources section of the website. The material also applies to other church and mission staff who work from a central office.
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Consultancy assignment list updated

5th January 2016

The Assignments page on this website was updated today to provide an accurate idea of current consultancy work. There are lists of typical areas of advice both for church leaderships and for individual Christian leaders and staff.
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New discipleship review published

9th December 2015

One of the latest sets of Training Notes published on this website today offers 14 tests for disciples. An MOT for disciples of Jesus takes the principle of review or appraisal (or MOT!) and applies it to the idea of following Jesus Christ.
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Cutting Edge 2016 conference now booking

29th October 2015

Cutting Edge 2016, the annual conference for 'senior manager' Church Administrators is now booking. A printed brochure is available or UK Church Administrator Network (UCAN) members can book on this website at the UCAN events page.
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Christian Effectiveness Model republished with major revisions

8th October 2015

The Christian Effectiveness Model, designed to assess the effectiveness of any mission agency or church enterprise, was republished today with new open-format questions and many other improvements.  It can be found on the Health-checks page of the Resources section of this website.
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September's list of Resource section item updates completed

25th September 2015

Resources section items just updated include Articles on job applications in Christian ministry and Training Notes on topics such as coping with distractions, writing good newsletters, preparing job references and wisdom for Church Administrators.
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Church committee members need help

3rd August 2015

Most churches appoint people to decision-making groups (Trustee body, Diaconate, PCC, etc.) without ever thinking that this role might require some training. One of the latest set of Training Notes just added to the Resources section of this website aims to provide just that.
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'Passion for administration network' relaunched

24th July 2015

The 'Passion for administration' network of those with a vision for the use of God's administrative gifts in churches has been relaunched today.
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