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First published on this website in July 2001 and last updated in June 2013

Words: 1100
Size: 139 kB
Categories: Structures


These notes provide a summary of the responsibilties of the Trustees of any Christian charity, avoiding the 'policing' language sometimes seen in such lists and injecting a clear Christian dimension. The aim behind these is for the Staff and Board to work in harmony.

  1. Maintain a servant attitude
  2. Promote and protect the organisation's development
  3. Set a clear direction and keep this under review
  4. Oversee the right use of resources
  5. Take individual responsibility

This is followed by a list of personal requirements.  A supplement (TN5a on this website) offers a similar structure for the role of Staff.


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These notes have been updated in June 2013 with a number of alterations throughout the text.

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