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First published on this website in October 2011 and last updated in September 2013

Words: 2000
Size: 134 kB
Categories: Leadership


Christian leaders face a range of distractions that prevent them using their time effectively. Reasons include a lack of natural discipline and accountability, little effective support and encouragement and high expectations from different parties.

On the basis that identification is the first step to action, these Notes list 20 possibilities under five main headings so that readers can select two or three to work on. The headings selected are:

  • Working from home (for those who do)
  • Messages
  • Seeing and listening
  • Administration
  • Worry.

For example, the four distractions described under the 'Worry' heading are external nuisance, lack of peace, poor health and responsibility. Various ideas for possible action are given in most cases.


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Thanks Julian - that's helpful. I was aware this was more an identification of problem list than a solutions list, so there's something for some future work. And, Vernon, I hope your 'To Do' list has been transformed by now......! But for that you need TN23.

A useful checklist to make you a little self-aware, and a good list for sending on to someone who you may know needs challenging to be more productive.
A good development from this paper would be to start populating remedies and how to's (e.g. configuring MS Outlook to NOT pop up instant views of e-mails - which helps you then only see e-mails when you go and consciously check for new e-mail that's arrived). [And for those who are wondering, Options, Mail, and uncheck "Desktop Alert"]

Some good pointers, although with food and drink I find I need reminders to go and get a drink so that a) I don't dehydrate b) I don't get too stiff from sitting for too long. With all of these it's all about achieving a balance because they are all possible resources to benefit us, as well as possible distractions.

That said reading these training notes and responding to them, although worthy, has not helped me achieve any of my to do list this morning... happy

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