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Ideas to experiment with

First published on this website in February 2009 and last updated in January 2013

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How to breathe fresh life into what is often a turgid and predictable part of the church’s calendar.

1: The big event
Church gathering rather than administrative meeting – inclusive design rather than restricted access – new time/place/layout rather than predictable pattern – future vision rather than past history (part 1) – active participation rather than passive listening – honest assessment rather than bland comment – Jesus central rather than human focus

2: The printed reports
People-stories rather than organisational reports – overall picture rather than disconnected snapshots – future vision rather than past history (part 2) – creative writing rather than turgid detail – interview format rather than standard prose – imaginative layout rather than common typing – prayer resource rather than meeting agenda

3: The administrative business
Handling news rather than financial complexity – future budget rather than past accounts – visual presentation rather than wordy explanations – decisions taken rather than matters discussed – planned elections rather than instant voting – defined profiles rather than vague assumption


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Hi Funmi

I saw your comment regarding a different style of annual report for your Church Annual Meeting. We have produced an activities report which can be (but does not have to be) updated on an annual basis. We see this more of a marketing tool rather than just an internal report.

It can be viewed via our website

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards
Jayne Tomlinson
Church Support Co-Ordinator
St Peter's Hale

This was a very insightful read and now gives me a lot to think about as new church manager in the process of preparing for our annual meeting.

I wonder of there was a way to see some sample reports that have been produced so I could see some visual ideas of what we could do different from the usual 2 column typed 30 pages document that no one wants to read! - would really be glad if I could.

I can be reached at Funmi@htredhill.com

Many thanks

Church manager - holy trinity redhill

This article has been updated in January 2013 with some design changes and minor amendments throughout the text.