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Creative organisation

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Author Message

John Truscott

Friday 09 July 2010 5:44:25 pm

To what extent can church administration be said to be 'creative' when so much of it has to be bound by legislation and systems? How can we lift its image from something routine and somewhat unspirituial in our churches today?

Mark Jeffery

Tuesday 01 February 2011 9:21:41 am

Posted a long while ago, but seems to me a fundamental question.
Creativity is squeezed out but many things including time and agenda pressures.
I have a "creative thinking space" in my day, what do others do?

Jennifer Roberts

Wednesday 02 March 2011 9:37:06 am

I spend a day a month on a type of retreat, structured around exercise (!) (a walk for an hour or so), my life goals and then going through my work over the past month and into the next month preparing and praying around all my work. I put aside reading that I may think is of interest for the church to read and research at the end of the day which allows, I believe, along with feeding back to myself and thinking about other possibilities, a creativity in my work. This not only gives me a great sense of renewal but also a sense of purpose and that God is in my daily 'grind', exciting or humdrum as it may be! I very much like the idea of having a daily space as discussed by the previous post. I would like to know if you have a set time daily or whether you just make sure you factor it in to whatever the day's diary allows?

Wednesday 29 June 2011 3:27:36 pm

Despite its image for dullenss, I'm convinced administration is creative.

When we look for ways to solve administrative issues and problems we use imagination - we are creative (hopefully!).

Administration is a key part of creating new groups and initiatives. Part of any creative process is the actualising of a concept and administration is a key component of making things work. I think it has a bad press for dullness, but leaving out administration is like trying to create a clay sculpture without getting your hands messy.

John Truscott

Wednesday 29 June 2011 4:27:24 pm

I like your illustration, Hilary. Thanks. And let's get plenty of innovation into the subject too!