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This is the text of a news release put out after this event.

UCAN's first-ever national event for ‘senior-manager’ Church Administrators took place in London on 1st July 2010.

Directors of Operations, Managers and Administrative Co-ordinators from churches all over England met to network with each other and to sharpen their skills in risk management and employment issues.

Staff from Anthony Collins, Solicitors provided the professional input for the day. Edwina Turner gave an overview of risk management in a church setting and Matthew Wort outlined recent changes in employment legislation, advising on how churches with employed staff teams need to keep abreast of the current legislation.

“Exactly what I needed”, “A fabulous day”, “Thank you for renewing a passion for our roles”,” I particularly appreciated talking to so many people with experience I could learn from”. These were just some of the comments from delegates.

“We wanted our first event to be for people who have few resources specifically designed for them,” explained UCAN Co-ordinator, John Truscott.

“There are a limited number of excellent events for other kinds of Church Administrator but at this senior level there are different issues to address. We also wanted such people to meet each other and discover they are not alone.”